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We are a company that is dedicated to redefining people’s lives by improving their homes. Smart homes not only increase the ease and comfortability of your own private settings, they also ensure you will not get left behind in the inevitable technology landscape that we will inhabit.


Smart Security, Smart Energy, Total Smart Home

We provide state-of-the-art home improvement appliances that will bring your home into the 21st century. Our home improvement services are unparalleled in the industry and will get you to fall in love with your home in a whole new light!


Make Your Home Smarter

Smart Alerts

Get instant notifications in and around your home without you lifting a finger!

24x7 Monitoring

Be able to monitor activities in your home remotely with our beta-tested apps that will reduce your worries.

Security & Surveillance

Security is the most important aspect in your home, and how better to stay aware of your home surroundings than having modern cameras installed in your property that you can view at any time.

Free Cloud Recording

Get instant access to all your feeds by tapping into our servers for no cost!


All-in-One Smart Home Service Provider

Lighting Control

Change your lights from moody to upbeat and back in no time, by opening our app and tap on your favourite colour!

Adjust Climate – Home Automation

Set your ideal temperature remotely through our app!

Use Eco Energy

We ensure that all of our services align to the most stringent guidelines set so as to deter any effect on the environment.


Latest Automation Updates